I-Aicon & Bizcon Team distributes KN95 masks to our brothers and sisters nearby Taal Volcano.

After receiving KN95 masks at Bizcon Distribution Inc. (Makati City, Metro Manila). The Bizcon/i-Aicon team immediately distribute the masks to the affected families nearby Taal Volcano, the team started the distribution of KN95 masks on Silang Cavite 

I-Aicon tries to deliver urgent relief materials for the Philippine after the Taal Volcano eruption.

From CNN news,Philippines authorities have urged a “total evacuation” of nearly half a million people near the capital Manila after a volcano spewed ash up to nine miles (14 kilometers) into the air Sunday prompting warnings of a possible “explosive eruption.”

Reports from Department Of Science And Technology Philippine Institute Of Volcanology And Seismology’s (PHIVOLCS) previously, Taal Volcano entered a period of intense unrest beginning with phreatic or steam-driven activity in several points inside the main crater at 1:00 PM of JAN.12,2020 and progressed into magmatic eruption is characterized by weak lava fountaining accompanied by thunder and flashed of flashes of lighting. At 2:00 PM yesterday, booming sounds were heard at Talisay, Batangas.

PHIVOLCS had raised the alert to Level 4 at 7:30 PM, meaning an “explosive eruption” could happen in the coming hours or days. Its highest alert is Level 5, indicating an eruption is taking place. (Reports from CNN & PHIVOLCS)

Hot ashes released from the volcano will do hard to the respiratory system. So during this hard time, people in the near city should avoid to go out and wear a carbon mask. Aicon team had urgently gather masks and deliver to our Philippine joint venture, making a small effort to help the Philippine people overcome a hard time. Aicon or wish all Philippine people safe and sound.

The KN95 masks received by Bizcon Ditribution Inc. in Makati City on January 15, 2020, will be distributed to the affected families in evacuation centers. Bizcon Distribution Inc. is a partner of I-AICON (Zhuhai Aicon Image Co., Ltd.) China in the Philippines.

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