What are the different types of printer inks?

Desktop ink and Wide-format ink:
According to the application field of the printer and the printed format,
the desktop ink is mainly used in the office field, such as our common
EPSON, CANON, HP, BROTHER, LEXMARK and so on. Wide-format ink is mainly used in indoor photo and outdoor inkjet advertising industries.

Water-based ink and Solvent-based ink:
According to the medium of ink, ink can be divided into water-based ink and solvent-based ink.

Water-based ink:
Water is used as a medium. The colorant can be a dye or a pigment.
Water-based ink is cheap, safe, and less polluting, and has become a mainstream
product in the inkjet field. Widely used in Desktop ink, Wide-format ink, Textile Ink.

Solvent-based ink:
The organic solvent is used as a medium, and the colorant is dispersed in an organic solvent. The main component of the solvent-based ink is an organic solvent.
It has a high volatilization rate and a high volatile organic content.
The biggest problem it faces is environmental protection. In the long run,
it will definitely be subject to many restrictions.

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