What is the difference between dye ink and pigment ink?

Generally speaking, Dye inks and Pigment inks are classified according to the colorants.
One is a dye, the other is a pigment, and its chemical composition and properties are two major categories.

The Dye ink is completely dissolved in the ink and exists in a molecular state in the ink.

Advantages of Dye ink:
The Dye ink has finer particle ratio, fine print picture, bright color, good ink stability, good printing fluency and low price.

Anti-UV resistance performance is not as good as Pigment ink, not waterproof.

The Pigment ink is present as fine particles in the ink and is dispersed in the ink by a dispersing
agent to be present in a state of a suspended emulsion.

Advantages of Pigment ink:
Anti-UV resistance is better than Dye ink, waterproof, and Printed products can be stored for a long time.

Disadvantages of Pigment ink:
The vividness of the printed image is not as good as that of the Dye ink.
The Pigment particles tend to condense and become larger in the ink,
which makes the ink layered, the stability is relatively poor, and the price is expensive.

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