Why use desktop universal ink?

  1. Stable Compatibility.
    Can be used in all types of printers on the market. Stay away from the threat of Block the printhead.
  2. Printhead Usage Maximation
    Small ink volume printing, so that the print volume can be increased under the premise of ensuring the life of the print head.
  3. Environmentally Friendly, Natural
    Use environmentally friendly and high quality pigment raw materials imported from Germany LANXESS), USA (SPECTRA), Taiwan (Yongguang)
  4. Low Cost
    High quality printing results, far cheaper than the original price.
  5. Three Quality Control
    Through the 3 times QC during production, the highest quality of ink is guaranteed.
  6. Higher Capacity
    100ml capacity 30% more than the OEM capacity.
  7. Simple Ink Refill
  8. Excellent Print Results
    Black blackness is high, the color is bright and rich, the transfer effect is more delicate and natural, the layers are distinct and the image reproduction is higher.

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