Warranty Policy


IAICON Warranty Policy

AICON hereby guarantee its products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship. We provide free replacement or credit note for the possible defectives under the condition of proper usage within the valid warranty period.

In case any claims about our products, please follow the below procedures:

1. If the defective rate is within warranty period, which is shown in the below chart, please provide us the defective quantity for each model, batch code, after check and confirm the defects are caused by our workmanship, we will provide free replacements in your next order or issue credit note.

Category Warranty Period Normal defective rate
Laser Toner cartridge Copier Toner Kit 18 months Monochrome: 0.5-1% Color: 1-2%
Remanufactured Inkjet cartridge 12 months 3%-5%
Compatible Inkjet cartridge 18-24 months 1%
Desktop bulk ink Dye 2 years / Pigment 1 year

2. If the defective rate is beyond our standard rate, please provide below information for our analysis so that we will provide solution at the soonest:

S/N PI NO. Product code No. Product Description Batch code No. Defective quantities Problem Description Picture for defective product or printer notification
1 CD00 1 ATCH-26 12A Toner cartridges XXXX 2 PCS e.g. cartridge not recognized by printer

AICON sales will reply you within two working days on the status and will keep you informed of the progress till the final solution accepted by both parties.

3. If the defective product is beyond the expire date, AICON will not be liable to take care of the complains.

* Chips update risk 

We could make sure to use the latest chips available before your shipments. If any firmware upgrade by OEM after our shipment, we will follow the general rule in the compatible industry to provide help for solutions but not be liable for any loss from the update.